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Our Mission, Vision & Values


To do promote a culture of academic excellence, from inside a caring and secure Islamic environment enriched with the values of kindness, honesty, aspiration, integrity and respect which extend beyond the school and into the wider community.

Our mission has three key elements:

 Academic excellence

  • A belief that everybody has the potential to succeed within a high quality educational environment.
  • A commitment to instilling high aspirations, a desire to learn and ambition to achieve.
  • A personalised approach to securing excellence, stemming from a passionate belief that each individual is unique and special.

Spiritual development

  • A cohesive identity so that our students, their parents and communities feel a strong sense of belonging to AAB.
  • A passionate focus on education that instils kindness, honesty, aspiration, integrity and respect into all our students.

Social responsibility

  • A determination to make outstanding British citizens who are proud of the social and economic growth of our country.
  • A sense of responsibility to others.
  • A commitment to charitable endeavours and to making a difference to our world.

Our KHAIR Values

  • Kindness – Being nice to others.
  • Honesty – Always saying the truth.
  • Aspiration – Holding high aspirations.
  • Integrity – Not doing anything wrong.
  • Respect – Treating others with kindness.